Photo of tabletop holiday wreath with burning candles as a symbol of holiday traditions

The Importance of Traditions

Tips for Beginning New Traditions
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Photos of a lit present wrapped with a red bow and a quote saying that "For it is in giving that we receive" as examples of intentional gift giving.

Creative and Intentional Gift Giving

Meaningful Gift Ideas Perfect for 2020
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1020 - alternative-aroma-aromatherapy-161599

Essential Oils: A Natural Alternative That Promotes Health and Healing

How They Work, How They Help and How To Get Started
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1020 - access-adult-blur-261628

Part 2: Phone Breakup

How We Can Move On
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1020 - adult-blond-blur-1509426

Breaking Up with My Cellphone

Why We Aren’t Saying Goodbye, But We Are Seeing Other People
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1020 - CCP_0147

Financial Stress to Prosperity: How to Improve Overall Wellness

Steps to Take Toward Financial Wellness and a Healthier You
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1020 - bed-bedroom-cute-545016

6 Tips for Better Sleep

Find out why sleep is so important and 6 tips to get more of it
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1020 cropped - Dr Shannon South

6 Ways to Regain Your Joy

And How to Keep From Losing it in the First Place
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1020 - DSC_0428

Integrated Wellness While on Vacation

How to Keep It Relaxing, Fun and Healthy
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Photo of stones balanced on each other as a symbol of meditation

Meditation for Beginners: 7 Tips for Getting Started

Why Meditating Isn’t as Hard as You May Think
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Photo of clear glass scale with blue measuring tape laying on top of it to show how stress causes weight gain

Why Stress Causes Weight Gain

Manage Your Weight by Learning to Relax and Manage Stress
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