Your Key to Success for a Healthy Lifestyle…Planning

Tips for Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you want to be healthy… I mean down to your core healthy? If so, I’m here to let you in on a not-so-little secret. Your key to success for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily start with how many miles you run or walk, how much salad you eat for lunch every day or how many minutes you meditate in the morning. These and many more components all play important roles in a healthy lifestyle, but there’s one thing needed to bring it all together so that you can live your most vibrant and healthy life. Planning. That’s right, planning. It may not sound very sexy, but it’s where we all have to start and the place we sometimes have to come back to. That can be true even if you have a regular exercise routine in place but still aren’t feeling your best; you eat the healthiest of diets but still don’t have enough energy or you’re a master at mindfulness but can’t quite manage to get movement into your schedule. If any of this is true for you, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a blueprint for the healthiest you possible.

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10 Recommended Healthy Holiday Recipes

Options for Any Occasion During the Holidays

We all have our traditional favorite recipes that we have to have during the holidays – many of which may not be the healthiest. That, of course, is perfectly fine. It is the holidays after all! But if you’re trying to come up with at least a few ideas that are a little to a lot healthier or at least “healthy-ish,” you may feel stumped as far as where to get some ideas. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 recommended healthy holiday recipes. I’ve done the legwork for you with these, and I can vouch for how they turned out. I also offer notes on how to make many of them allergy-friendly if needed and many are already paleo, vegan, or vegetarian as is. You’re sure to find an option here to fit any way of eating and any occasion during the holidays.

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The Importance of Traditions

Tips for Beginning New Traditions

From marking birthdays, to Sunday dinners, to Fourth of July picnics, to any of the other ways we mark milestones, events or simply being together – our cultures are full of traditions. While these can be found in daily life or on special occasions, they’re extremely important during the holidays. Some of these traditions have a religious foundation, while others are centered around simply sharing a common experience that unifies and brings us together. Either way, they help to center and ground us and help to add meaning to the ordinary and the extraordinary. That’s why we’re going to explore why traditions are so important, as well as how to start new ones for you and your family.

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Peppermint TV: Holidays and Unhappiness With Weight

A new survey by Jenny Craig shows that many people don’t want to have their photos taken during the holidays because they’re unhappy with their weight. Find out what why I strongly encourage having those photos taken in this video.

** Note – I cited this study because the findings were interesting and something that I can truly relate to. For the most part, I believe that women can adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle by educating themselves about the types of nutrition and exercise that are right for them. I also understand though that many people need structure and support to get started, and that as they go along, they can see progress that motivates them to keep getting healthier. They educate themselves as they progress, so that once they get to a healthier point, they may not need the structure provided by set programs. That is the ultimate goal, but if people need help getting started, I support healthy options for doing that.


Two-Thirds of Americans Plan to Avoid Photos During the Holidays Because They Are Unhappy with Their

A Realistic Guide to Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Eating for Wellness: Tips for Healthy Eating

Peppermint TV: 2018 Global Nutrition Report

The 2018 Global Nutrition Report is out, and it shows that the world is eating badly. From Africa to North America, it’s an issue that we’re all dealing with but there are things that you and your family can be doing. Find out what they are in this video.