What to do When Life Gets to Be Too Much

8 Steps for Coping with Overwhelm. 

Let’s be real here, life can sometimes simply get to be too much. We’re not talking about the periodic overwhelm we all feel from time to time when things get too busy or when there’s too much work and not enough time. Those can be real problems, but they usually can be dealt with simply by cutting things out or by calling in outside help. What I’m talking about here is when really serious, potentially life-altering/damaging things completely outside of your control happen to yourself or those around you. Especially when two or more things are going on at once, and they each deserve and need your full attention.

For most of us, when times like this hit, we can’t completely stop everything that we’re doing and devote ourselves to the issues at hand. We still have to work, we still have to pay the bills and for many of us, we still have to be a parent. So how do we handle these times when life, by anyone’s standard, is just simply too much? I happen to have some first-hand experience in this area – both by watching my very strong parents deal with seemingly unimaginable circumstances multiple times and living through those times myself and by dealing with a couple of potentially crumpling times with my own family. Fortunately, I had my knowledge of mental and physical wellness to guide me through the most recent times. That’s why this topic is very important and very real to me and why I wanted to share my eight steps for coping with this type of overwhelm with you.

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