Real Women, Real Stories of Health and Healing: A Transformation to a Healthier Life

One Woman’s Story of Finding Real Beauty from the Inside Out.

Lisa Clary is someone we can all relate to. She’s a busy single mom with three children at home, working full time as a hairstylist and very used to putting others – especially her kids – first. So much so that she was neglecting herself and her health while struggling to overcome tremendous challenges that life had thrown her way. If that sounds familiar, then Lisa’s story is one you’re going to want to read. It will also be evident why I wanted to focus on her transformation to a healthier life as the first in my series on real women and real stories of health and healing. Lisa makes others feel beautiful every day, and in this Q&A, she tells us how she finally found the strength to do the same for herself – from the inside out.

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Photos of Lisa Clary before and in the midst of her wellness journey
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