Summer Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

Tips on Ingredients to Look for in Sunscreen and How to Build up Your Body’s Internal SPF.

If you love being out in the sun as much as I do, I have some good news. It appears that not all unprotected sun exposure is bad for us. That doesn’t mean we can go crazy and spend hours outside in the summer with no protective clothing or sunscreen, but it does mean that slathering ourselves in the highest SPF possible may not be necessary all of the time. As it turns out, a growing number of studies1,2,3,4 show that a limited amount of unprotected sun exposure is not only okay, it’s actually good for us. That’s just one of the summer skin care dos and don’ts that I’m going to be sharing here as well as tips on ingredients to look for in sunscreen. I highly encourage you to keep reading because this post is full of vital need to know summer skin care information.

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