Meditation for Beginners: 7 Tips for Getting Started

Why Meditating Isn’t as Hard as You May Think.

The word meditation can conjure up different ideas for different people. Some may picture a peaceful looking person sitting cross legged on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view and brilliant sunrise. Others may picture a comfy looking pillow surrounded by lit candles and burning incense, and still others may think of a monk sitting in isolation or surrounded by other monks. While these are just a few of the images that may come to mind when you think about meditation, none of them, at least in my world, seem very realistic on a regular day to day basis. That’s why we need a special focus on meditation for beginners.

Many people who are interested in learning more about meditation often don’t because they get caught up in the idea that their setting has to be perfect or that they need hours every day to learn how to do it “right.” While it’s fabulous if you do have an ideal setting or plenty of time to go on a retreat, it’s not necessary. Meditation for beginners doesn’t depend on the setting, and to some extent, it doesn’t depend on the length of time you do it. In fact, it’s probably not as hard as you may think. The most important thing is that it’s about what happens inside you.

Photo of stones balanced on each other as a symbol of meditation
Photo by Nicollazzi Xiong from Pexels
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