Eating Seasonally

Health and Budget Benefits of Eating with the Seasons.

Growing up on a farm in the North Carolina mountains, I could tell you exactly when potatoes, corn, tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers were in season. Those we had in abundance! I could also tell you when the cherries were just right for picking because climbing the trees and eating more than we put in our buckets is still one of my favorite summer memories.

That’s how I grew up, but somewhere along the way, I lost track of seasonal eating and turned to what was on the grocery store shelves instead. The key word there is shelves, because that’s where the boxes and cans of processed foods are kept. By the time I finally turned back to fresh fruits and vegetables, I couldn’t have told you what was in season when if you had paid me –until I discovered my local farmers market.

While I am definitely well-versed in the health and budget benefits of eating with the seasons now, I wanted to go to an expert to find out more about why eating with the seasons is so good for us. In this Q&A, Functional Medicine Dietician Maria Zamarripa from the foodfarmacist R.D. answers many of the most common questions asked when it comes to eating seasonally.

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Maria Zamarripa, MS, RD, Functional Medicine Dietician
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