Creative and Intentional Gift Giving

Meaningful Gift Ideas Perfect for 2020.

Updated December 2020

The holiday season is finally here – something that many of us have been looking forward to for months. I mean really, what better way to brighten up this crazy year than with a little holiday spirit? For many, this may be the best gift giving year yet, inspired by a lot of time filled with not much else. But for others, this may be the year that we’re blindsided by being stuck – where our creative juices have also decided to quarantine. 

If you fit the latter category, I’ve got your back. Coming up with creative gifts is something my family enjoys doing. That’s not to say that we don’t have crazy, busy years where we just check off a list, but those are the holiday seasons I enjoy the least because it means we’re too wrapped up in ourselves and the craziness of life. Intentional gift giving gets us out of ourselves and prompts us to stop and think about what would not only make others happy, but what would bring them joy. Here are some creative and meaningful gift ideas perfect for 2020 to help get those juices flowing.  

photo background by George Dolgikh from Pexels
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6 Ways to Regain Your Joy

And How to Keep From Losing it in the First Place.

Have you ever had a time when you felt like you were going through life on autopilot, or that you just felt “flat?” If so, you’re certainly not alone. While we all feel that way at one time or another, it could mean you’ve lost touch with your joy. That’s not a place you want to be in for long. As we know, our mind, body and overall wellbeing are connected, and joy plays a critical role in this circle of integrated wellness.

But what is joy really, how do you know if you’ve lost it and most importantly, how do you regain it? I went to “The Joy Doctor” to find the answers to these important questions. Dr. Shannon South, LPC, ThD is a transpersonal therapist and author who has been through quite a bit of trauma herself, has come out on the other side and now helps others to overcome trauma by focusing on what is right about themselves – their joy. With her expertise to guide us, we’re going to learn about ways to regain our joy and how we can keep from losing it in the first place.

Dr. Shannon South, LPC, ThD
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