Stock Up for Cold and Flu: 7 Natural Supplies to Have on Hand

It’s cold and flu season, and that means it’s time to make sure that you’re fully stocked up on the supplies you may need. As we all know, viruses can hit seemingly out of the blue and by the time we realize that we’re actually sick, the last thing we want or need to do is to run to the store. That’s why it’s so important to stock up for cold and flu now. Tissues, pain reliever, disinfectant, a thermometer and hand soap are all a given. But did you know that there are 7 natural supplies that are helpful to have on hand and that may help to ease your suffering as well? We’re going to walk through each to find out why they belong on any cold and flu preparedness list. 

**Note: None of the supplies listed here should be considered as a true “treatment” for the cold or flu because while some things may help shorten the lifespan of a virus and may help ease the symptoms, there’s really no treatment other than time, rest and drinking plenty of liquids. 

Photo of hot tea which is good to stock up for cold and flu
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