5 Tips for Starting New Holiday Traditions  and Other Rituals

FBy Peppermint Tea & Me

As family dynamics or situations change, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to start new holiday traditions and other rituals. Here are some ways that you can do that.

Tip #1 

Photo Ornaments to Mark the Year

Create an ornament from a photo that marks a highlight for the year for each person.

Tip #2

Have Intentional Conversations About Holiday Traditions with Older Children

Discuss with older children before the holidays whether any traditions should be changed.

Tip #3

Host a Cookie Decorating Party

Host a cookie decorating party – especially if you have older children.

Tip #4

Create a Seasonal Display

Create a table or display to mark the seasons.

Tip #5

Have a Tradition of the Month

Do something special that celebrates each month.

For more on why holiday traditions and other rituals are so important and how to know when it’s time to start new ones, go to peppermint-tea.com

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