Steak Bowl

I can claim this version of this Steak Bowl recipe because it’s really just a matter of putting in whatever you want. There’s really no “recipe” to it. I did however want to offer it up as a suggestion because I know I thought of it out of desperation in trying to figure out one more protein-packed meal that my oldest Chipotle-loving son would eat. Why not just put together some sirloin steak, brown rice, guacamole, salsa, corn, black beans and whatever else we had on hand? After all, isn’t that what he gets at Chipotle? It’s also relatively healthy because sirloin is a fairly lean meat. I just sear the meat in toasted sesame seed oil (because of this oil’s high smoke point), prepare all of the other add-ins, and let everyone build their own bowl to fit their specific dietary needs (we have quite a mix in my house). If you don’t want something, no problem! Just don’t add it. This is one dinner where I’m guaranteed to have no complaints!

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