Spicy Beef Taco Wraps

Photo of Spiced Beef Taco Wraps on a colorful plate

These Spiced Beef Taco Wraps from drhyman.com are great as a wrap, a taco salad (seen here) or as the filling for a taco shell. The key is the spice mixture, which adds just the right amount of “zing.” I have to admit that before I discovered this recipe, I was still buying the packaged taco seasoning because it was just too easy. This recipe is so easy to make (especially if you mix up the spice mixture ahead of time) that I don’t think seasoning will be on my grocery list again anytime soon. The spices that are called for are pretty much ones that you probably always keep in your collection anyway. Since I use grass-fed ground beef and the meat is fairly lean to begin with, I can feed this to my family and feel good that even “Taco Tuesdays” can be pretty healthy.

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