Snap Pea Chips

Photo of Snap Pea Chips

These Snap Pea Chips from Cotter Crunch are a great snack for any time of day. If we’re sitting at a desk all day and really need to give something a lot of thought, the need for that hand to mouth motion is a huge pull for many of us. That’s why having healthy snacking options is so important. We know we’re going to want something that we can repetitively put in our mouth, so why not rely on this snacky version of the good ole’ snap pea? While snap peas are one of my favorite snacks just as they are, this recipe definitely elevates them to a whole new level!

Note: I don’t have a dehydrator, so I did a combination of drying them in the oven and baking them. I dried them at the very low temperature recommended for four hours, but they weren’t quite where I wanted them to be, so I upped the temperature and baked them. Both of these methods are described in the recipe.

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