Real Deals on Staples

Heading into a busy Thanksgiving week, you’re definitely not alone if you’ll be stocking up on plenty of staples when you head to the grocery store this weekend. I’ll let you know now that there lots of sales out there on baking supplies and all the fixings for a turkey dinner.  Since I couldn’t include all of the different types of flour, sugars, etc, this week’s list hits some of the more mainstream ingredients used. 

If you’re limited on time and need to do most of your shopping in one place, when it comes to staples this week, Walmart Supercenter is going to be your best bet. I will fully admit that I have not been a Walmart shopper when it comes to groceries, but I recently went exploring there and was pleasantly surprised by the number of organic staples that are regularly offered. When it comes to staples, we really should be buying organic as much as possible because these types of products tend to carry a heavy pesticide load or are more than likely genetically modified when they’re conventionally grown.

The prices included in this list were compared between Whole Foods, Walmart Supercenter, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, Sprouts and Aldi.

Disclaimer: While I can’t guarantee that these prices can be found at every one of the mentioned stores across the country, what I’m providing will be the prices found in a sampling of locations from all regions. If there is an obvious difference in the prices, I will provide the expected price range. 

These prices are also not provided to me directly by the stores. I am developing them from the online resources that they provide to the general public. If there is something that piques your interest, but it would require going out of your way to take advantage of it, I would suggest checking it out online first. At least this will let you know what to look for.

November 20-26, 2019:

  • Organic Canned Pumpkin – Walmart Supercenter; $1.88 for 15oz
  • Organic Canned Beans – Aldi; $.89 for 15.5oz (If you don’t have an Aldi nearby, Walmart Supercenter has the next lowest prices at $.92 for 15oz 
  • Organic Spices – Aldi; $1.95 for 1.5-2.5oz ($.78-$1.30/oz) (If you don’t have an Aldi nearby, Walmart Supercenter has the next lowest prices.)
  • Organic Chicken and Beef Broth – Walmart Supercenter; $1.48 – $1.98 for 32oz
  • Organic Vegetable Broth – Walmart Supercenter; $1.48 – $1.98 for 32 oz
  • Organic AllPurpose Flour – Walmart Supercenter; $4.87 for 5lb bag
  • Organic Cane Sugar – Walmart Supercenter; $4.87 for 4lb bag
  • Organic Brown Sugar –Target; $1.56 for 24oz
  • Organic Coconut Oil – Walmart Supercenter; $4 for 14oz
  • Organic Long Grain Brown Rice – Whole Foods; $3.99 for 32oz
  • Organic Quinoa – Sprouts; 2 for $5 for 12oz bag ($2.50 for 12oz)
  • Organic Canned Vegetables – Sprouts, Sale = 4 for $5 ($1.25 each) 
  • Organic Almond Butter – Sprouts; $6.99 for 12oz
  • Organic Peanut Butter (Unsweetened) – Walmart Supercenter; $3 for 16oz