Peppermint TV: Holidays and Unhappiness With Weight

A new survey by Jenny Craig shows that many people don’t want to have their photos taken during the holidays because they’re unhappy with their weight. Find out what why I strongly encourage having those photos taken in this video.

** Note – I cited this study because the findings were interesting and something that I can truly relate to. For the most part, I believe that women can adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle by educating themselves about the types of nutrition and exercise that are right for them. I also understand though that many people need structure and support to get started, and that as they go along, they can see progress that motivates them to keep getting healthier. They educate themselves as they progress, so that once they get to a healthier point, they may not need the structure provided by set programs. That is the ultimate goal, but if people need help getting started, I support healthy options for doing that.


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