Paleo Sausage Cheese Balls

Photo of Paleo Sausage Cheese Balls on holiday plate

Wheat-Free, can be Dairy-Free

Sausage balls were a holiday tradition in my house until we realized that my kids couldn’t eat dairy and my youngest is allergic to wheat. That’s why I was desperate to find a recipe to replace the old version. These Paleo Sausage Cheese Balls from Tessa The Domestic Diva did the trick! I’m sure they are wonderful made exactly as the recipe says, but I substituted garbanzo bean flour (chickpea flour) for the almond flour and Daiya shreds for the cheddar cheese, and it worked great. I went with garbanzo bean flour because it has a neutral taste and is just as high in protein as almond flour. That means these babies pack a protein-packed punch for breakfast, as a snack or an appetizer, and they taste great! Now our tradition can continue with an even healthier version than we used in the past.

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