On a Budget

While I fully believe that we should be willing to invest in our health and wellbeing, I also know that affordability is key for keeping real health a realistic possibility for real women and our families. Eating with the seasons, stretching your money as far as possible, and knowing the health benefits and possible recipes for seasonal food are key components of making this work.

If you’ve grown up eating out of a box or eating from a drive-thru window or have fallen into those and other unhealthy habits, you may not know where to even begin. That’s where I come in. What you’ll find throughout Peppermint Tea & Me but definitely in this section is very practical information about how to achieve real health on a budget.

This is where you can find money saving tips for healthy living as well as the health and money-saving benefits of eating with the seasons.

Be sure to check in regularly to see the new content but rest assured that it will be available in this section for you to go back to whenever you need it.