While there are many lessons to learn from our global pandemic, one of the most practical is that we need to restock and maintain our emergency food supply. This is not hoarding. This is not stockpiling. This is simply being smart. Clearly, as we’ve all learned, once we’re in the middle of an emergency or someone high up says that one is imminent, it’s often too late to count on getting what we need, let alone finding healthy options at the best possible price. At that point, it’s just grab what you can even if it’s a brand that costs triple what you usually pay.

While none of us want to be caught in that situation again, it’s easy to let our guard down when the supply chain seems as if it has caught up or the emergency is over. That’s why it’s important to remember how the benefits of restocking our emergency food supply far outweigh any negative aspects to keeping extra food around the house. Read more