Here are some of my favorite healthy recipe resources that are my “go to” standbys when I want to make something tried and true or I’m looking for something new. Peppermint Tea & Me is all about connecting you with the resources you need for integrated living, and where better to start than in the kitchen? While I’m a recipe adapter by necessity, I am not a recipe creator, but the fabulous women and men behind these blogs and websites are. So why reinvent the wheel when there’s so much tasty, healthy goodness right at our fingertips? You just have to know where to look.

Please check back often because I am always adding to this list. As I mentioned, these are my favorites that I can personally vouch for, but I know there are many more out there and I’m constantly looking for and trying new resources. Please also know that since everyone’s version of what’s healthy and what’s not might be a bit different, I in no way can guarantee that every recipe on each of these sites is what you would consider healthy. But they have been very useful for me, so I wanted to make sure you know about them as well.

If you try a recipe from one of these sites, let us know what you would recommend in the comments section below or over on the Peppermint Tea & Me Facebook page. Same goes with any healthy favorite recipe resources that you may know about that aren’t listed here. Share the love! We want to know about them too!


** Photo credit: Lukas from Pexels

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