Linda Watson’s Hummus

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Linda Watson’s Hummus recipe from her Wildly Affordable Organic (Affiliate Link) cookbook is my go-to when I have to take an appetizer to a get-together or when I’m hosting something myself. In fact, my friends and family will ask me ahead of time if I’m bringing my hummus. If I walk in without it, I hear “Oh, I was hoping you’d bring your hummus.” Well, it’s not my hummus, it’s Linda’s, and it’s absolutely a crowd pleaser. Best of all, it’s easy to make and generally uses ingredients that I usually have on hand. The recipe also makes a huge amount, so I split it in half and freeze what I don’t need at the time. When I do need it, I just thaw and serve. It still tastes great! As expensive as hummus is to buy, this recipe is much cheaper to make, and you have control over the ingredients.

I try to recommend free recipes that I’ve found online as much as possible, but this one is just too good not to share. If you don’t already own a copy of Wildly Affordable Organic, this recipe is worth the investment itself. If you’re not familiar with Linda, check her out at

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