Kris Carr’s Rockin’ Rosemary Popcorn

Photo of Kris Carr’s Rockin’ Rosemary Popcorn

As far as I’m concerned, having a good supply of healthy snacks on hand is make or break when it comes to good health. Really! We all get hit with the need for a little something in between meals, and if we don’t have healthy options on hand, we’ll go straight for the unhealthy. That’s why I love Kris Carr’s Rockin’ Rosemary Popcorn recipe in her book Crazy Sexy Kitchen. It’s fast, it’s budget-friendly and the taste will definitely put any microwave version to shame. I especially love the cheesy kick you get with the addition of nutritional yeast and cayenne. This is also a great recipe for make-a-headers. Make it when you have time, store in an airtight container and enjoy all week.

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