Healthy Action Step of the Day: Write Out Thoughts Before Bed Each Night

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Write out thoughts before bed each night. If you often wake up during the night thinking about what happened that day or what you need to do the next day, writing out your thoughts before bed each night (otherwise known as a brain dump) can be a great preemptive step to protect your sleep. Keep a notebook by your bed (or use your computer if that’s better for you) and set aside 10-15 minutes. You can write out any thoughts or what you may be feeling about things that happened that day and any thoughts about the next day. This can include things that you might be worried or excited about and things that you want to remember. This practice gets all of those thoughts out of your head and onto paper so that you’re either done with them or you don’t have to worry about remembering them. I also highly recommend reserving a few minutes after you’re finished to list 5-10 things that you’re grateful for so that you end your day on a positive note. Try it for at least a week and see if it works for you.

For more on how a brain dump can benefit you, check out this great article from Little Coffee Fox, How to Untangle Your Mind With a Brain Dump

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