Healthy Action Step of the Day: Use SPF on Your Lips

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Use SPF on Your Lips. I’ve learned this one the hard way ladies, so please learn from my mistakes and protect your lips! Whether you’re going to be at the beach (especially if you’re going to be at the beach!) or just out in your yard, make sure you’re using a lip balm with SPF. If you don’t, your lips can get burned, dry, cracked, damaged and infected before you know it.

I learned this the hard way recently when I was vacationing at the beach and had myself slathered in sunscreen but had forgotten my lip balm. Since I had a baseball cap on any time that I wasn’t in the water, I thought I would be okay. I was wrong!! I didn’t even realize that my lips were that bad until I noticed a blister starting to form. Within a couple of days, my upper and lower lips were covered in crust, scabs and sores. As I’m on the tail end of it, I have vowed that I will never ever step foot outside again without protection on my lips. This is one kind of special hell that I never want to repeat, and I certainly wouldn’t wish it on you either. So please, use SPF on your lips! For a list of the Best Lip Balms With SPF, check out this list by the Environmental Working Group.

For more on how you can keep your lips healthy, gorgeous and feeling great, read Natural Ways to Care for Your Lips So They’ll Care for You.

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