Healthy Action Step of the Day: Try Using Essential Oils

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Try using essential oils. Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants and flowers and that capture the plant’s scent and flavor. Health Coach Christina Todaro believes their primary benefit is that “they provide us with natural alternatives to some of the more manufactured products that we’re used to incorporating into our daily routines.” She also says that compared to the amount that we spend on manufactured products and medications, they’re “actually relatively affordable solutions to address a lot of our health and wellness concerns.” Some of the ways essential oils can be used are to manage stress, to sleep better, to boost mood, to deal with acne and other skin issues, to boost immunity and even as household cleaners. Again though, that’s just getting started with the many ways they can be used.

Here are some of Christina’s tips for getting started:

  • Have a clear idea of what you want to use the oil for so that you can buy one that will serve that purpose.
  • Have a good resource for knowing how different oils can and should be used. There are reference guides available that list the different oils and say what they can be used for and that list conditions and which oils would be appropriate for that condition. She recommends Essential Oils Natural Remedies: The Complete A-Z Reference of Essential Oils for Health and Healing (Affiliate Link). The Reference Guide for Essential Oils (Affiliate Link) and Essential Oils Pocket Reference (Affiliate Link) are other possible resources as well.
  • If you buy essential oils, be sure and use them. Christina compares them to vegetables. Sometimes we buy them and then don’t use them. She suggests seeing how many different ways you can use them in your daily life because it will motivate you to see where they can replace more toxic products.

To learn more about what essential oils are, check out Essential Oils: A Natural Alternative Promotes Health and Healing.

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