Healthy Action Step of the Day: Start a Container Garden

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Start a container garden.  If you want to take your relationship with your food to the next level, start a container garden. These types of gardens make home gardening in some shape or form an option for just about everyone. Bountiful Backyards Operations Manager Keith Shaljian says that growing our own food makes sure that it’s as nutrient-dense, vitamin-packed and as fresh as possible. When it comes to vegetables, Keith says freshness is key because they “lose a lot of energy very quickly.” The further they are from their source, the more nutrient energy they lose.

Keith offers the following tips for starting out with container gardening:

  • Start small. It’s easy to let our eyes get bigger than the space we have or what we even know what to do with when we’re just starting out. Pick a few vegetables or varieties of fruit and grow from there.
  • Grow vegetables and fruit that you’re interested in eating. The whole point of growing your food is that you will eat it. It doesn’t do you any good if it goes from your container, to your fridge, to your trash can.
  • Learn about the vegetables or fruits that you want to grow. Don’t just assume that all vegetables and fruits are grown the same. They may need different types of sunlight exposure, space and support systems. Ideally, you should decide which types of plants you want to grow, learn about the conditions they need and then buy the seeds or starter plants that you’ve planned for.

A good resource to help get you started is Container Gardening Complete: Creative Projects for Growing Vegetables and Flowers in Small Spaces (Affiliate Link) by Jessica Walliser.

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