Healthy Action Step of the Day: Skip the Soda

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Skip the soda. Yes, even diet ones! Most of us know that drinking full-strength soda is bad for us, but just like anything, doing what we know we need to do and actually doing it can be two completely different things. It may be one of those things that’s so ingrained in our culture that you think it can’t really be that bad, but in fact, it is – for many reasons. So why not turn to diet soda – right? That’s got to be okay because it doesn’t have all the sugar. Wrong! If you’re measuring on a scale from worst to less bad, then yes, it would probably rank in the less bad range, but it’s far from good for you and research has shown, can be just as bad for you as regular soda because other than sugar, they still contain many of the same detrimental ingredients. And since most people don’t just drink one soda every now and then (it’s usually at least one a day), those less than healthy ingredients can really take a toll on our bodies.

To find out all about what’s in soda and why it may be a habit that you want to rethink for your health, check out these resources:

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