Healthy Action Step of the Day: Shop at the Farmers Market

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Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Shop at your local Farmers Market. Shopping at the Farmers Market is one of the highlights of my week. It brings me about as close to the roots of my food as I can get without growing it myself, and I can guarantee you, that connection affects the taste and what it does for my body. I love knowing that the beef my family eats is raised in the most humane and sustainable way possible by Ashley and her family, that the eggs I buy are provided by Stephanie and Mike and their wonderful hens, that the kale I eat is carefully grown by Megan and Keith and that the microgreens I love are grown by Carolyn. These are just a few of the wonderful farmers I have gotten to know over the years, and as I have supported them, they have supported me. In fact, a couple of years ago, I couldn’t go myself for quite a while, so I sent my then 16-year-old son with a list. All he had to do was introduce himself to the vendors, and they knew what he needed because they knew what I usually bought. While I certainly appreciate the people who work at the grocery stores I shop at, they simply cannot provide that type of service. That is true connection! Buying from your local Farmers Market also means that the food you eat is simply going to be healthier and more nutrient-packed. The further food gets from its source, the more nutrient-energy it loses. So, if you’re looking for connection – to your food, to other people and to the community around you – shop at your local Farmers Market!

If you don’t know where a farmers market is near you, check out this resource from LocalHarvest.

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