Healthy Action Step of the Day: Set Days of the Month to Pay Bills

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Set Days of the Month to Pay Bills. Dealing with financial matters can be a big source of stress for many people, even when things are going well, let alone when times are tight. This stress then has a direct impact on your health. One small but impactful way to alleviate some of this stress is to schedule specific days of the month when you will pay bills and deal with anything financially related. Depending on when you get paid, the 1stand the 15thare often good days to do that. This lets you make sure that things are being taken care of in a timely manner and that you’re not waking up in the middle of the night remembering that something is due that day.

It also lets you get into the right frame of mind for scheduling time to look at paying your bills as a gratitude practice not just something you’re begrudgingly doing in a hurry. Try offering thanks for the people who provided a service to you and for the outcome of whatever that service was. If you can pay the bill without feeling too much financial strain, be grateful for that as well, and if it is difficult for you to pay, be grateful that you’re able to do it on a payment plan or that you’re able to move even tight resources around to be able to pay it.

Setting aside days of the month to pay bills may seem like a small thing, but trust me – it can make all the difference in the world for taking control of your financial wellbeing rather than feeling like you’re barely hanging on by a thread.  For more, feel free to check out Financial Stress to Prosperity: How to Improve Overall Wellness.

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