Healthy Action Step of the Day: Plan for Spring Cleaning

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Photo by Dom J from Pexels

Plan for spring cleaning. A good old-fashioned spring cleaning is vital for our health and wellbeing. Professional organizer Jenna Fischer with The Arranged Abode says it’s all about getting the germs out and letting the freshness in. For our mental health, she reminds us of how good it feels when we’re done because our physical surroundings affect our mental state.

While you may not be able to jump right into your spring cleaning today, you can take half an hour to plan for it using the following steps:

  • Make a list of what needs to be done. One way includes putting down every room or area that you need to tackle and be specific about the different jobs that need to be done within that space. Another way involves just listing general tasks that need to be done such as clean all windows, clean all furniture, clean baseboards, etc. Jenna reminds us to include the exterior of our home as well. Things like power washing, clearing out flower beds, wiping off outdoor furniture, etc.
  • Determine when you’re going to do your cleaning. Based on your list and through coordinating schedules with the rest of your family, decide whether you’ll do your cleaning over the course of a weekend, a week or a month. Go ahead and schedule it into your calendar.
  • Decide what cleaning products and tools you’ll need and when you’re going to get those together. Getting your products and tools together needs to be done ahead of time so that when your scheduled cleaning time or day arrives, you can hit the ground running.

While all the planning in the world won’t get your scrubbing done for you, it will certainly set you up for success.

For more of Jenna’s spring cleaning tips and tricks, check out Spring Cleaning for Your Health.

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