Healthy Action Step of the Day: Learn What’s in Your Food

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Learn what’s in your food. If you don’t know what’s in the food you eat every day, please take the time to look at your ingredient labels and really learn how to read them. They shouldn’t read like a good mystery novel or something you would learn about on the sci-fi channel, but unfortunately, that’s exactly how many of them are. In fact, you may be shocked at what you’re really putting in your body. Do you actually know why some flours are enriched?

Even if you decide that you’re okay with what you’re seeing, that’s your choice. But at least it will be exactly that – your choice. Not something that you’re eating without knowing what it is and what impacts it might have on your health. I mean do you really know what disodium inosinate and caramel color are? And yet you may be ingesting them multiple times a day.

Other than googling every ingredient that you can’t pronounce or don’t know what it is (which is a perfectly fine place to start), another great resource is Vani Hari’s The Food Babe Way.Even though it was published in 2015, it’s still just as relevant and eye-opening today. Vani has done a lot of the homework for you, and what she found inspired her to work toward changing the food world ingredient by ingredient.

Take action today and learn what you’re putting in your body with every bite you take!

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