Healthy Action Step of the Day: Learn About the Companies That Make the Food You Buy

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Photo of different types of sugar on store shelves

Learn about the companies that make the food you buy. This is part of what I love most about trying to buy as much of our food as possible at the farmers market – I can actually meet the people behind the food and find out how it was grown or raised. We don’t have that luxury when we buy food in the grocery store, but we can still do our due diligence and find out as much as possible about the companies that make the food we buy. Who (really) owns them, what are their practices and do we agree with them? These are just some of the questions that we should all be asking of them and ourselves. Afterall, these companies are making what goes into our body. If we don’t agree with how they do that, we should probably find another brand or other food. You may also want to ask the same questions of the businesses that own the stores where you shop. They should be held just as accountable as the companies who put food on their shelves. Do they treat their employees right, do they contribute to the community, etc?

While you may not be able to have a relationship with the companies that produce your food, you can find out about them and make sure that their values align with yours.

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