Healthy Action Step of the Day: Know What is In Your Skin Care Products

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Know what is in your skin care products. If you think that skin care products must be safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the store shelves, think again. The federal government classifies most skin care products as cosmetics, and as such, there is no approval required before they go on the market unless they contain color additives. The FDA does regulate these products, but as a smart consumer, you need to know what the ingredients are and what multiple tests have shown about the way they’re being used. If you don’t know what an ingredient is or how to pronounce it, it’s a good sign that you need to look it up.

Certified Health Coach Hannah Stoffel says that the ingredients you do want to see include cold-pressed plant oils, plant butters such as shea, green tea, pure essential oils and vegetable glycerin. Hannah also advises looking for the full ingredient list. The first few ingredients make up the majority of the product. This is good to know because if a product is touting a great antioxidant such as green tea, but it’s listed way down at the bottom of the ingredient list, then you know there is very little green tea in the product. It’s safe to say you probably won’t experience the maximum benefit of that ingredient.

The process of finding products that work for you and that you can rely on can be a bit tedious but putting in the time on the front end will make sure that the products you use are good for you and your body. To find out which ingredients Hannah says should be avoided and to get her free resource to learn how to be your most beautiful self, be sure and read Demystifying Natural Skin Care: 5 Steps to Protect Your Skin So It Can Protect You.

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