Healthy Action Step of the Day: Hit Reset

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Photo by Eugene Chystiakov from Pexels

Hit reset. As my computer periodically reminds me – usually at the absolute worst times – we sometimes just need to turn things off when they’re getting overloaded and then hit start again. This goes for us too. In other words, we need to reset. This happened to me recently with my computer. I had so many tabs open for such a long time without closing them and kept opening the same ones multiple times because everything was so cluttered I couldn’t tell what was open in the first place. It also just happened to be during a particularly crazy, stressful time for me. My computer screen absolutely reflected the way I was feeling. Chaotic! So of course, at the peak of it all, websites stopped working properly (including this one!), documents wouldn’t open and my computer was making such a loud whirring noise you would have thought it was going to explode at any second. I kept looking for external reasons for all of the malfunctions, but finally, out of desperation, just shut my computer down and went and took a nap. Guess what? When I turned it back on, there was a nice clean screen, devoid of clutter looking at me and everything that hadn’t been working earlier worked fine. And because I’d basically shut myself down too with my nap, I felt better and could think more clearly. So, the next time your internal system starts whirring loudly or you’re starting to feel out of control, stop and hit reset. It’s one of the most productive things you can do!

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