Healthy Action Step of the Day: Help Disaster Victims

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Help disaster victims. Whether it’s the victims of Hurricane Dorian that are top of mind right now, or victims of another disaster that has yet to happen, most of us can and should find a way to help. While monetary donations are, of course, always needed and are among the most effective and efficient ways to make sure that the organizations set up to help victims can operate like they need to, they aren’t the only way to help. You can also donate your time and skills as a volunteer; used clothing, furniture or other needed items; or you can donate blood. All of these things are always desperately needed immediately following a disaster. The main thing is that you stop long enough to recognize what other people are going through and that you do something – anything – to help. That’s what communities do for each other. That’s part of how we recognize our bonds as humans, and that’s how we honor and serve our global community. Not only is this good for the people you are helping, but it will help your overall wellbeing because you’re making a contribution that puts you outside of yourself.

For more information on how you can help the victims of Hurricane Dorian, visit

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