Healthy Action Step of the Day: Grow Every Day

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Photo of green plant growing in dirt by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

Grow Every Day. Do something to grow, stretch and improve yourself every day. Learn something new – and apply it! Try a new healthy recipe. Learn a new skill.

When an infant is not growing like they should, doctors call it “failure to thrive.” My youngest earned such a designation because of all of his food allergies and sensitivities that we didn’t know about at the time. Of course, I didn’t need a label to tell me that my baby wasn’t doing well, but my reaction was one that I think most mothers would have – “Absolutely not!” And we figured out what was going on, and he started to thrive.

Just like we would not accept that for our children, we should expect the same of ourselves. We need to grow to thrive. If not, we’re just stagnant. We may not be growing in height anymore, and most of us need to stop growing around the mid-section as we get older, but we should continue to grow physically (in muscle strength, cardio strength and in our overall health), mentally and in our ability to interact with the world around us. That way, the term “Failure to thrive” will never apply to us.

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