Healthy Action Step of the Day: Don’t Worry About Labeling How You Eat

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Don’t worry about labeling how you eat. Too often, we get caught up in labeling or classifying ourselves when it comes to how we eat. “I’m plant-based, I’m vegetarian, I’m paleo, I’m keto.” You get the picture. If eating a certain way helps us to eat differently or healthier, that’s great. If it gives us the structure or guidelines we may have had trouble figuring out ourselves, fantastic. If it gets us to try something new to see how it feels, that’s fine. But when it comes down to it. That’s all that matters. How the food we eat makes us feel. If you try different ways of eating and then decide that components of each are really what make you feel your best, than combine them all. It’s not what we call ourselves, it’s our lifestyle and living the best version of ourselves that truly matter.

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