Healthy Action Step of the Day: Do At Least One Thing That Makes You Feel Beautiful Every Day

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Do at least one thing that makes you feel beautiful every day. Too often, we’re so caught up in doing for others, that we forget to do anything for ourselves. Or, the idea of putting any extra effort into how we look or what makes us feel beautiful, seems too vain. But it’s not! Doing at least one thing that makes you feel beautiful every day is a real game changer. Whether it’s wearing your favorite skirt, even if you’re just working from home; wearing makeup; getting your nails done; doing your hair; or accessorizing with jewelry or a beautiful scarf, making yourself feel beautiful is your right and can directly affect how you feel about yourself. This doesn’t mean to do anything that feels artificial or inauthentic to you but do something that truly makes you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. It doesn’t matter whether anyone notices or not, what matters is that you notice and that you feel wonderful.

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