Healthy Action Step of the Day: Clean Your Face Immediately After a Workout

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Clean your face immediately after a workout or exercise. While sweating during a workout or exercise is good for us in a number of ways, letting that sweat sit on your face for long afterward is not something you want to do. Some of the benefits of sweating during a workout include protecting our body from overheating and increasing blood circulation, so don’t be afraid to shine or even pour buckets while you’re working hard. But, when you’re done, head straight to the nearest sink and clean your face. Many skincare experts say to do this before you leave the gym (if you’re at one), even if you’re headed straight home. That’s because the dirt that’s built up in your pores is carried through your sweat, and if you don’t clean it off quickly, it will settle back into your skin. Incorporate this into your exercise or workout routine and you may be breaking a sweat, but it won’t be because of worry over your skin.

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