Healthy Action Step of the Day: Buy Organic Pumpkin

Buy organic pumpkin. Canned pumpkin is one thing that I definitely buy organic. Why? Because according to Chem Service, Phytophora blight occurs frequently in pumpkins and “can rot seeds, roots, vines, leaves and the fruit itself.” It’s often treated with chemicals and pesticides, some of which are used as a seed treatment. These are known as systemic pesticides which, according to Bayer, means they are absorbed into the plant and “circulate through the plant to control disease.” 

I understand why pumpkin farmers with a lot to lose use these chemicals to protect their investment. If I’m using pumpkins for purely ornamental purposes, I’m not going to worry about paying extra for organic for my own use. But, if I’m going to be cooking pumpkin (canned or not), I don’t want these chemicals in my food knowing that they’re more than likely in there from the seed stage on. Organic farmers aren’t allowed to use seeds treated with pesticides. The cost difference between organic and conventional canned pumpkin can be anywhere from 90 cents to $2. I know that’s a big difference, but this is one of the food items that I consider worth it to buy organic. 

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