Healthy Action Step of the Day: Break Up With Your Phone

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Break up with your phone. Statistics released by the Pew Research Center last year, show that 77 percent of Americans own smartphones – up from 35 percent in 2011. We’re no longer tied to computers or desks to get information. It’s at our fingertips whenever and wherever we need it. While there are many good things about so many people being connected to information in this way, there are also many pitfalls. Mainly, as we become more connected to our phones, we run the risk of becoming less connected to each other and to the world around us. How To Break Up With Your Phone (Affiliate Link) author Catherine Price encourages us to remedy this by ending our current relationship with our phone and establishing one that treats it like the tool it is, not like a member of the family or an appendage.

Here are a few takeaways from my breakup process:

  • Unless you have a job where you’re truly “on call,” you shouldn’t feel like you are in your own home. That means your phone does not need to constantly be with you. In fact, you can and should be able to leave it in a different room (while you’re awake) and not feel like you’re missing something.
  • Make sure that your phone, which is an object and tool, isn’t taking away from the things you really want to pay attention to.
  • We can have cravings for our phones as easily as we can for tempting foods or anything else that we think we “have to have.” But just like with those things, cravings can be overcome. It may not be easy, but after a few times of not indulging them, we can see that in most cases, what we’re craving really isn’t a necessity, and after a while, we don’t crave it anymore.

Be sure and check out How To Break Up With Your Phone (Affiliate Link) for a step-by-step four-week guide on how to change your relationship with your phone for the better. You can also read about my experience at Breaking Up With My Cellphone. 

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