Healthy Action Step of the Day: Act from a Place of Love and You’ll be Acting From Your Authentic Self

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Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Act from a Place of Love, and You’ll be Acting from Your Authentic Self.  I’m just going to quote from spiritual and inspirational author and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson today because she expresses so beautifully this mountain-moving action step that we can all take every day. In an interview on The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. she said the following:

“If I’m angry in a certain moment, I’m authentically angry in that moment. But the real authentic me is not angry. The authentic me is love.”

“There’s self-discipline involved in spiritual and personal growth. We’re all wounded, but you don’t have to act from the wound. The fact that you feel this way, doesn’t mean you have to act on that feeling. Because if it’s not a loving feeling, it’s by definition your neurosis, it’s your weakness.”

Act from a place of love today, and you’ll be acting from your authentic self. We’ll also all be better off for it. Be sure and listen to this inspiring interview.

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