Green Smoothie

This Green Smoothie recipe from has actually replaced my old favorite as my go-to smoothie. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my old standby, but this let me mix it up a bit. Since it uses water instead of almond milk, it’s more of a juice consistency but gives it a much lighter taste. With kale, spinach and chard as the base, there’s no doubt that I’m going to get my needed amount of vegetables for the day if I start with this for breakfast. I switch out between using mangos and blueberries for variety and both taste great. It’s also surprisingly filling. Since I eat breakfast fairly early, I usually get pretty hungry around mid-morning. Not with this big green powerhouse! I sail from breakfast to lunch without even thinking about food (except of course, when I’m writing about it). This specific recipe is the one noted at “This is my daily drinker.”

Note: This and all of the other smoothie recipes on this website were developed by celebrity trainer Thomas Tadlock, M.S. I interviewed his wife Dr. Brooke Goldner as part of my post on Exploring a Plant-Based Diet and Healing Power of Food: A Doctor’s Journey from Disease to Health.

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