Gluten-Free Pancakes

Photo of Gluten-Free Pancakes in a stack on a colorful plate

Gluten-Free, can be Dairy-Free

If you’re looking for a delicious  Gluten-Free Pancake recipe, this one from Laura Fuentes is it! Trust me, I have tried many, many gluten-free pancake recipes, and while there are many good ones out there that are grain-free and paleo friendly, this one is by far the best one I’ve found using a gluten-free flour that gives that traditional taste that you just sometimes need. The pancakes are fluffy and filling and everything that you want them to be.

Note: You can substitute a sweetener such as Stevia for the sugar that the recipe calls for, and a dairy-free milk for the milk. I’ve also started making protein pancakes by adding a plant-based protein powder. They taste great, and most importantly, are picky eater approved.

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