Berry Blast Protein Shake

Photo of Berry Blast Protein Shake in clear glass


Refreshing and delicious! are the two words that best describe this fabulous Berry Blast Protein Shake from Lean It Up. I’m on the lookout for any and all kid-friendly high-protein breakfast recipes for my son, and this one definitely fits the bill. While I prefer to rely on sources of protein for my family that are processed as little as possible, if you have a picky eater or are vegan and need a quick way to get enough of this vital macronutrient in the morning, protein powder can be a life saver. This shake’s use of berries, protein powder and water make it about as simple as you can get. And, the fact that it doesn’t call for any yogurt or almond milk as its base make it easier to bite off the cost of the protein powder.

Note: Since we avoid dairy, my family uses a plant-based protein powder.

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