Action Step of the Day: What I Can Do Today

In reaction to the events in Minneapolis during the week of May 26-29, 2020 and the subsequent events in the weeks that followed. 

During this time of pain, anger and sadness, I am left wondering what I can possibly do and what I’m supposed to be feeling. 

There is no doubt that I live a life of privilege. The problems I worry about my sons facing are not the problems that other women of other skin tones worry about for their sons. There is nothing I can do to change the color of my skin, but there is plenty that I can do to embrace and support those who are within my reach and to expand the boundaries of the world around me. 

What I Can Do Today

Here’s what I can do today to help to mend the part that is within my reach. 

  • I can raise my sons to have a spirit of respect, love, compassion, dignity, strength and kindness for everyone, not just those who look like them. 
  • I can expand my view of the world so that it includes the experiences and stories of others. 
  • I can stretch beyond my comfort zone to join the voices and most importantly, the actions, of those who are already doing the important day-to-day work of making sure that the basic needs and rights of everyone within my reach are met. 
  • I can understand the power of small actions. It’s sometimes easy to overlook the seemingly little things that we can be doing as we focus on larger things that seem much more important. 
  • I can look beyond my own problems and challenges – not necessarily minimize or trivialize them because whatever they are, they are a reality in my world – but I can expand my capacity to keep them in perspective as I work to understand what others are dealing with as well. 
  • And I can send love, peace and strength to everyone who needs it right now. Collective intention is powerful and helps to take us outside of ourselves. 

Most of these are things that I hopefully try to do every day. But renewing my commitment to them – and then acting on that commitment – on a daily basis are things that I can do. 

This is my commitment to myself and those who are within my reach. If you’re reading this, you’re within my reach, so this is my commitment to you.

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